• To train and educate a new generation of professionals in the field of  metagenomics.
  • To generate metagenomic libraries from different forest soils in Puerto Rico and discover new genes and enzymes with Biotechnological and Biomedical applications.
  • To develop and implement in the curriculum, an Introductory Course in Metagenomics at the UPRM, and a comparison and a course in Topics in Functional Genomics at UPR-H.
  • Expand students’ career opportunities involving them in emerging disciplines research, combined with natural resources conservation awareness.
  • To visits fifteen rural elementary and secondary school within Puerto Rico to teach soil Microbiology and forest conservation, to change the overall perception of our forest importance.
  • To develop responsive, and responsible team of young and future scientists that understand the importance of natural resources conservation and reconcile it with the new emerging technologies and their applications